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    Welcome to Math 10C

    Mathematics is one way of understanding, interpreting and describing our world. The goals of the three course sequences are to provide prerequisite attitudes, knowledge, skills and understandings for specific post-secondary programs or direct entry into the work force. All three course sequences are to provide students with mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills.



    This course examines theory, principles, concepts, and instructional strategies related to expressive and receptive language and literacy development. It focuses on assisting students with reading and writing processes and adapting strategies, materials, and activities to meet the individual needs of individual students.

    AMT 1035
    Agricultural Business Management Principles
    FALL 2021

    Wednesday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Lecture Format: ONLINE (A link for Live Zoom Meeting will be provided)

    Instructor: Dareskedar Amsalu

    E-mail: amsalu@ualberta.ca

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    You can setup a course shell and add course content to this course shell for practice.

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